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Documents required by the customs administration before starting customs clearance

  • Tax Administration office – Obligation Letter (original)
  • Activity report or Chamber Registry Extract (Original)
  • Commercial registry gazette (association and amendments – Notary Approved)
  • Power of attorney (Notary Approved)
  • List of authorized signatories (Notary Approved)

These documents must be renewed in the beginning of each calendar year.



Documents required for Import and Export

(‘#’ marked documents are not required in export)

  • Original invoice of the commodity
  • Insurance policy (required if the transaction is FOB or CF) #
  • Freight Invoice #
  • Bank transfer receipt or Resource Utilization Support Fund
  • Delivery order #
  • Bill of lading
  • Company endorsement on bill of lading (not from those represented)
  • If the buyer company is a bank in bill of lading, bank endorsement is required
  • If the delivery order is received by you, photocopy of front and back pages of bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Industrialist commitment #
  • Maintenance and repair document #
  • ATR or EUR-1 Certificate for the goods to be imported from Europe
  • Invoice in Turkish for Export (1 original, 3 copies)
  • To be used for clarification purpose when required;
    Analysis report
    Safety Data Sheet
  • If investment goods, in addition to aforementioned documents;
    Investment Incentive Certificate
    Import and Domestic Machinery Equipment List
  • If the transaction is subject to inward processing certificate and export promotion certificate;
    Original and annex of investment incentive certificate
    In export transactions; association membership certificate
    To describe the goods when it is required
    Technical Information


Power of Attorney

Tax Administration Office Sample of Obligation Letter

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